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Zookeeper Diaries: Caroline’s Worst Day – The Great Escape

Welcome back to Zookeeper Diaries, dear readers! In today’s post, we begin a new series in which we will feature different zookeepers sharing their worst day ever working at the zoo. Our first story comes from Caroline, a zookeeper who experienced a nerve-wracking day when one of the zoo’s animals managed to escape its enclosure. Let’s dive into her unforgettable and intriguing tale.

Caroline had been working at the zoo for several years, primarily responsible for the care of the zoo’s primates. On this particular day, she was running a bit late, and as she rushed to begin her morning routine, she had no idea what was in store for her.

“I was doing my usual rounds, checking on all the primates, making sure they were all okay, and giving them their morning feed. Everything seemed normal,” Caroline recalls. “It wasn’t until I reached the orangutan enclosure that I noticed something was wrong.”

As she approached the enclosure, she noticed that the door leading to the outdoor area was wide open, and the orangutan, named Momo, was nowhere to be seen.

“In a panic, I radioed my supervisor, and within minutes, the entire zoo staff was on high alert, searching for Momo,” she remembers.

Caroline: “The orangutan is missing! We need to find him ASAP!”

Supervisor: “All right, everyone, let’s spread out and search the zoo grounds. Remember, stay calm and be cautious โ€“ we don’t want to spook Momo.”

As the search for Momo intensified, the zoo was placed on lockdown, with visitors being ushered to safe areas. The tension was palpable, and Caroline couldn’t shake the feeling of responsibility for the escape.

After hours of searching, it was Caroline herself who finally spotted Momo perched high up in a tree, deep in the zoo’s botanical gardens.

Caroline: “I found Momo! He’s up in a tree in the botanical gardens!”

Supervisor: “Great work, Caroline! We’re on our way. Keep an eye on him, but don’t get too close.”

With the help of the zoo’s animal rescue team, Momo was carefully coaxed down from the tree and returned to his enclosure unharmed.

Reflecting on the incident, Caroline says, “That day was a wake-up call for all of us at the zoo. We doubled down on our security measures and made sure that nothing like that would ever happen again. But, it was also a reminder of the incredible bond we have with these animals and the responsibility we carry to keep them safe.”

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